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Vendor Love: Willow Floral Design

The Love Collective. Willow Floral Design

Wild Hearts Florist – Willow Floral Design

One of the most well known and extremely lovely florists in Nelson, Sarah from Willow Floral Design has such a passion for the elegant floral work she does. With great knowledge and a beautiful eye for detail, we absolutely adore how Sarah and her team work hard to make sure every Bride has her perfect day!

Elegant, romantic, modern, or wild… there are so many wondrous styles of florals that can add that perfect touch to your big day.


What inspired you to become a florist?

As a young girl I loved art and drawing. I spent days with pencils and paints right though my childhood. My favourite thing was the mixes of colours in Nature like the changes of the colours of leaves and the flowers like Hydrangea.

I knew I wanted to be artistic every day  and I could, if I became a Florist.

I think that being able to be around flowers always makes you feel good and so when I started my training at 17 I knew it was right for me.Willow Floral Design


How long have you been working in this industry?

Since I left school I have been a florist. I trained as an apprentice for the five years it takes to be a professional florist.  Even with my babies and children I was still able to work in the industry part time until Willow Floral Design evolved 11 years ago!


What does your typical day involve?

 Buying flowers from our wholesaler, designing bouquets and arrangements for our wide range of customers. serving espresso coffee and cakes and talking to the people who come in our door through out the day.

In the Wedding Season our Days change to the addition of working with our Brides and their Weddings. Our Florist capacity increases and we have  a larger team who work with me on the Weddings as well as in our store.

I love being able to work with a couple all the way through and seeing the end result. I have never been a manufacture florist and take my work personally, as with our whole team of florists, it is about making sure it is perfect on the day…

Our Business runs 6 days a week flowers is what we do! It is our specialty.

The Love Collective. Willow Floral Design.

Colours on trend for next season? 

Blush is back, but so is berry (even though it is not an on trend colour it is still going o be popular.)

Rose Quartz is the Pantone colour of the year. Although there are Blues and Soft sea Greens also buttercup yellow and sand as well.

I imagine we will be seeing a mix of these tones. There will be still the added depth of the marsalla colour and deeper orange and fire engine red to make bouquets pop. We could also see a bit more of the rusts and brown colours coming together to keep in trend with a moodier look.


Favourite flower?

Hydrangea because when I was a little girl my grand mother had a large patch of them growing in a beautiful part of her garden and I was fascinated by their colours changing while they were still growing on the bush it seemed like magic!

The Love Collective. Willow Floral Design.

Favourite wedding venue?

That is a tricky question because I think the venues are about the wedding and the brides. As a florist the bespoke weddings are stunning in the smaller venues like Fairfield house and the Granary at founders. I love the marquee at Monaco it always looks gorgeous decorated and has a real summer feel with the gardens around it, Then of course Mahana is the most beautiful blank canvas where my creativity wants to go wild!! I adore this venue for its artistic qualities.. The other  great venues like Petite Fleur and the Boat house have also really been amazing places to decorate. So in Nelson there are almost too many to choose from and also decorating the Marquees in a beautiful setting in someones garden can be magical……should I go on?


A piece of advice for selecting wedding flowers?

Go with your first thoughts.  Most brides have a dream which can be swayed by other things in the process of the wedding mayhem. I see the happiest Brides are the ones who have a gut instinct about what they like or imagine. It is not always about fashion it is about the feeling.


To book a consultation with Sarah and the team at Willow Floral Design head over to her website:

Or pop in store for a coffee at her beautiful boutique at 31 Trafalgar Street, Nelson City, Nelson.

The Love Collective. Willow Floral Design

Wild Hearts. Willow Floral Design.

Wild Hearts. Willow Floral Design.


Image credits: Willow Floral Design,  The Love Collective, Sarah Ryland Photography – at the Wild Hearts Mahana Fair

Our Vendors

Vendor Love: Hayley R

Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs

Wild Hearts Design – Hayley R

A creative kiwi with a passion for art and photography. Hayley R has an electric mix of bold fun colours and gold foil prints that are inspired by the New Zealand music industry. We fell in love with Hayley’s unique style and her incredible custom wedding day prints, that we just HAD to get her back to her home town of Nelson for the Wild Hearts Wedding Fair!


Describe how your business came to be and your passion for it.

I have been working on photographic art since I was 14, studied Fine Art Photography for 6 years and have a Postgraduate Diploma from Elam School of Fine Arts. All those years of developing, trialling and exhibiting set me up to really put my talent out there.

During my postgrad I stumbled back upon one of the oldest photographic techniques, did a test print and I had people asking for more! Within a few months I was selling my Hayley R prints at markets nationwide and more recently has lead me to work with Tiki Taane for a new line of merchandise.

My photography work is still a developing part of my wee business with it taking a back seat to my art, but I am so excited for this to start expanding this year.

As long as I am creating I am so happy and loved up, and that holds the passion for it all. Happiness and love.

Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs
What service do you provide? 

Creative photography and mixed media art – in a nut shell!

Creative Photography – I am Fine Arts trained so I think in a very critical way while being thematic and artistic at the same time. It’s this cross over of loves for documenting and also art, that create this crazy marriage that is really exciting and different. I am really excited to get exploring this once again.

Mixed Media Art – A mix of photography and typography that transcends past a trend. I have been working with words in my art since 2003 and have really taken a liking to having this represent a special moment and memory in the lives of others.


Describe your style in three words?

Electric, organic and playful. No matter what I seem to do, even if it is purely life, these are the three things that always follow me.


How do you keep inspired?

Staying inspired is such a hard one when you’ve been creating for so long, I’ve cracked the 15 year mark now! The best advice I was given by a tutor was to never stop making. By making you surprise yourself, you push yourself and you think in these crazy ways that makes you realise that you have this crazy, amazing talent. Chance is a big factor in a lot of my work that I love to embrace too. It stops you from over thinking and forces you to just do it. Ultimately you must never sit on an idea, just make, take and create. The magic that unfolds from doing really is the major source and inspiration of it all.


Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs

What makes your business unique?

My photography is just me all over; carefree, fun and creative. I have my own set of “ism’s” and it’s really all about embracing the talent, eye and mind that I have and not following the crowd. I absolutely love to shoot from the hip and use film when ever I can!

With my mixed media works I choose the text in relation to the materials I use. Most of my gilded metallic works use references from Hip-Hop culture and my photography stencils are inspired by New Zealand music. Each of these are hand made so no two are the same, and I adore the imperfections that they each have.


Coffee or Tea?

Tea please! And a sneaky Gingernut for dunking. Yum! 


Summer or Winter?

Too easy! Summer… All day, every day. Growing up in Nelson, Summer is life. Plus who can say no to those magic beach days strolling through the Able Tasman hopping from beach to beach, bliss!


What is your ideal wedding destination?

Since I’m in the midst of planning my own.. Waiheke Island. We are currently living in Auckland and it is such a magic slice of this beautiful place we now call home. I want our friends and family to come on a mini holiday while also joining us for an amazing, loved up party. The spaces, light and vibe is incredible. Watch this space for that one 😉


Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs


Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs

Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs

Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs


Head on over to Hayley’s blog to check out more of her designs and amazing images :


Image Credits: Hayley R, Sarah Ryaland Photography.

Our Vendors

Vendor Love: Blackbird Cakery

Wild Hearts. Blackbird Cakery

Wild Hearts Sweet Style – Blackbird Cakery

We have been absolutely crushing over the beautifully styled organic food from local cafe the Blackbird Eatery and fell in love all over again when Co-owner Georgia decided build on her passion for cake to create the Blackbird Cakery – a divine collection of custom made cakes and desserts rustically crafted for your special day.

For those that made it to the Wild Hearts Wedding Fair at Mahana earlier in the year, you would have most definitely had the chance to taste one of the Blackbird Cakery’s little beauties. Because seriously who could walk past those those gorgeous little wild flower, dripped sauce, rustic carrot cakes or the raw peanut butter and salted-caramel cheese cakes?!

And for those that didn’t make it to the Wedding Fair, but have purchased a copy of our Wild Hearts mini magazine (or are yet to!) You will find a delicious little recipe from Georgia inside – Lemon Sour Cream Cakes, with Lemon Lime Curd & Cream Cheese Icing. Oh My! The perfect sweet treat to try at home, especially on these rainy winter days.


Tell us a bit about the Blackbird Cakery?

 I have been baking cakes for friends and family for as long as I can remember, and I was doing them so often I thought why not put a name to it and get my cake name out there more! So with the Eatery being named Blackbird, I decided to basically create ‘Blackbird Cakery’ as Blackbird Eatery’s little sidekick.

 Wild Hearts. Blackbird Cakery

What inspires you to create such beautiful cakes? 

 I am always wanting to try different and new ideas on cakes, I spend heaps on time on Instagram and Pinterest trying to find new trends and decorative ideas to try (Pinterest is my life) But of course, I can only do so much as its what the customer is after. So sometimes I create cakes just for fun… then maybe taste test too!


Favourite flavours?

 My favourite flavours would have to be my lemon sour cream cakes with cream cheese icing (currently in the latest Wild Hearts mini magazine), or my gluten free mud cake. It’s so dense and delicious. Plus anything salted-caramel I’m there.

Wild Hearts. Blackbird Cakery

Can you explain what a ‘Raw’ Cake is? and why it is becoming such a big trend?

 A Raw Cake is a unbaked cake, or ‘cheesecake’ made from raw ingredients such as natural nuts and seeds, raw fruits & veges, raw superfoods such as cacao powder, and unprocessed refined sugars, such as dates & brown rice malt syrup! So no nasties!

The fact it is a ‘Raw’ Cake, is that none of the ingredients have reached a certain temperature, 46 degrees in fact!! This maximizes all the foods nutritional value making it better all round.

Our Raw Cheesecakes are super popular, and are fantastic as they’re gluten,wheat, dairy, refined sugar, soy and GMO free plus vegan!!

I feel its becoming such a big trend because people are trying/becoming more ‘healthy living’ and creating a better life style for themselves, plus with so many allergies out there these days, they’re suited to all types of people, not just the clean eaters.


Wild Hearts. Blackbird Cakery

Strangest request you have ever received from a bride?

I cant say I’ve had many strange requests, probably just flavour combinations; eg; chocolate cake with lemon icing.. not terrible but not the best!


Where would we find you on a Saturday morning?

 Our Eatery/Cafe is open Saturdays, 9am-1pm, and I work every second Saturday, so if I’m not working I’m either still at work having our delicious GF DF vegan waffles for breakfast, over at the gym trying to work off cake off cuts I eat often, playing Netball or definitely sleeping in!!


Heels or Flats?

I’m a flats girl, as I am on the taller side of normal!! but i LOVE heels, I wish I could wear them more often.


If you weren’t a Cake Baker/ Café Owner what would you be doing?

 I always wanted to get more into photography, design or interior design.


Tim Williams. Blackbird Cakery

Tim Williams. Blackbird Cakery


You can check out more over on Blackbird Cakery’s Facebook page

or pop into the Blackbird Eatery at 76 Quarantine road, Stoke, Nelson.





Image Credits:  Sarah Ryland Photography , Tim Williams.


Our Vendors

Vendor Love: Charlotte Sowman

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Wild Hearts Photographer – Charlotte Sowman Photography

With adventure in her soul and fire in her heart, Charlotte Sowman is a destination photographer capturing the heart and soul of New Zealand Weddings.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a part-time wedding photographer based in Christchurch. My passion is capturing romantic love stories and authentic connections between people. I put my heart and soul into making sure I give my couples an overall great experience, from being approachable and light-hearted to caring and sensitive.


Describe how your business came to be and your passion for it.

When I was studying my design degree I bought a small DSLR camera for my projects. I started to take photos in my spare time and post them on Facebook. I was then approached by a friends older sister to see if I would be interested in photographing her wedding, so I said yes! I borrowed some gear from a colleague and rocked up to this wedding SO nervous and with no idea of what I was really doing, but I had a smile on my face the whole day and somehow did an ok job. I booked 4 weddings the following season. 🙂 Since then my passion for it has just soared! I love the connections I can make with people – especially couples in love! I love being able to get people to open up to me in front of my camera to produce something they will treasure. I love that photography has moved away from stand and smile at the camera, and it is a way to get out and adventure and meet great people.


What’s your favorite part of the job?

I love photography’s ability to tell a visual story and allow people to relive a certain chapter in their lives, one that they may have missed, or seen in a different way.

I really adore photographing couples who are adventurous and not afraid to think outside of the box and I love that I meet amazing people and make great friends!


Describe your style in three words?

Romantic, warm and natural

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love Instagram for my daily hit of inspiration. I follow everything from other photographers, creatives, bridal blogs and magazines and florists. I also always grab a copy of Together Journal and White Mag which I highly recommend to any bride-to-be.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Do you have a fave spot to shoot?

I must say I am really drawn to rugged, wild & untouched places as opposed to a really clean, pristine venues & gardens. However, I find that each wedding will bring its own flavour and look depending on the location, styling and even the weather – and I tend to fall in love with all of them. I have only shot in Canterbury so far but would love to see more of what NZ and the world has to offer.


Summer or Winter weddings?

Ooh tricky… Summer has more chance of sunshine & warm weather… although I would have to say Winter because of the beautiful light and I personally love the autumn/winter landscapes and colours.


What are the current trends you are seeing for brides at the moment?

I’m loving the trend of unrestrained, big, wild bouquets and floral styling. I think flowers play such a big part in the overall look & style of a wedding.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

What makes your business unique?

I think what makes Charlotte Sowman Photography unique, and what my couples love, is the fact that I would go the extra mile for them – get covered in mud if I have to! It is SO important to me to be positive and happy all day and make a real effort to engage with the couple’s family and friends so that they let me in and allow me to capture better images as well as making great relationships (often lasting one’s) and a great impression. I believe in doing what I can to make their day better and adding value to my service through my actions, whether it be fixing the bride’s hair, blowing up balloons, holding a drink in one hand for the bride and shooting with the other, through kindness, maybe staying a little later than you’ve arranged…all of the things that leave them with fond memories of their day and being glad they chose me, which in turn leaves me with warm fuzzies and feeling like I’ve made a difference.


A few words of advice for couples looking for their photographer?

There are no rules with your wedding; let it be a reflection of you as a couple. I urge my couples to let real emotions and stories unfold on their special day and not to sweat the small stuff.



Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.


To check out more about Charlotte Sowman Photography and her beautiful work, visit her website

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.


Image credits: Charlotte Sowman Photography – Sarah Ryland Photography & Leanna Hill Photography– at the Wild Hearts Mahana Fair

Wooden signs by Forage & Spruce.

Our Vendors

Vendor Love – Villa Victoria


Wild Hearts Venue – Villa Victoria

Elegant intimate weddings are fast becoming a trend. Adding that romantic touch of luxury is Kerry from Villa Victoria. A beautiful waterfront wedding venue and boutique accommodation located in central Nelson. With breath taking ocean views and private settings, Villa Victoria specialise in intimate Pop-up Weddings. After meeting Kerry at the Wild Hearts Mahana Fair we just had to share more! So we asked her a few questions to get to know a little more about the beauty that is Villa Victoria…


What is a Pop-up Wedding? 

A Pop-up Wedding is an individualised Wedding at a set exquisite venue, whereby the stress and cost of months and months of planning for the Wedding is taken off the couple as all they do is set a date, purchase the package and turn up dressed with their nearest and dearest for their special day.

It is particularly great for couples travelling or those that wish a beautiful individualized ceremony, but don’t have the means or the time to organize it, e.g a couple maybe saving for a deposit for their first home, or both work overseas.


How long have you been in Nelson and what made you want to get into the wedding industry? 

I’ve been in Nelson just over two years. We live on the waterfront in the most exquisite location, that I want to share with the world. I am a Counsellor by profession and a Registered Celebrant, and also had 20 plus years running my own successful Interior Design Business before moving here, I wanted to align all my skills in a job that was joyful.

As soon as I stepped into Villa Victoria I could see immediately why this would be a stunning location for a Wedding. Simultaneously my husband said, why don’t you host Weddings here? ……Pop-up Weddings New Zealand was born, and as they say, the rest is history.


What is your perfect wedding day at Villa Victoria? 

My perfect Wedding Day at Villa Victoria will always describe the essence of each couples unique love. its never about the size or cost.

The ceremony will be authentic to the couple and the day will illustrate their love and lives, .e.g.their dress, their music, their tributes, their vows, and their humour. The food, the cake, the flowers and the styling will also reflect who they are as a couple and what marriage means to them. If the sun is shining and the wind is nowhere to be felt, we have a perfect Wedding day.


Your favourite wedding trend at the moment? 

 My favourite Wedding trend at the moment (and long may it continue) is the total disregard for a “prescribed” Wedding. When I got married (25 yrs ago yesterday) most couples married pretty much the same way, now anything goes, its wonderful and so exciting & surprising! I see fashion cycle in gowns, jewelry, flowers, catering, hairstyles, & styling, and whilst this is inspiring and always thrilling, underpinning fashion and change, its the showing of what really makes the couple unique that sets Weddings apart.

I’ve had a wedding at Villa Victoria whereby all the guests were given a beautiful theatrical Venetian mask to wear. It was a magical event, with ukuleles playing for their recessional music; contrast this, to a very small wedding of just four people, for a French couple passing through Nelson in their camper van, as they traveled NZ. They requested a Karakia as an integral part of their ceremony. Both Weddings were unique and heartfelt, and totally authentic to each couple.


How do you keep inspired? 

I keep inspired from many sources, I’m an artist, so everything is about creativity & visualisation for me. I see inspiration in people I meet on a daily basis, magazines and books, my natural environment, second hand shops, gardens, fabrics and textiles, food, & travel…. almost anything and everything actually.


For more on this beautiful Venue and to book your Pop-up Wedding with Kerry head over to



Villa Victoria

Villa Victoria Villa VictoriaVilla Victoria. Wild Hearts Wedding Fair

Villa Victoria

Image Credits: Villa Victoria, Anywhere I Roam, Sarah Ryland Photography

Our Vendors Real Weddings Wedding Inspiration

Wild Hearts Wedding Fair – Mahana Recap


On Saturday the 26th of March Wild Hearts hosted New Zealand’s first Destination Wedding Fair at Mahana Estates. The Wild Hearts Wedding Fair was created to inspire and entertain, with creative vendors and products guests were sure to fall in love with!

Our guests were welcomed with acoustic sounds, delicious foodie vendors cooking up a storm and goodie bags filled to the brim with some of the coolest products NZ and Australia have to offer.  VIPs were directed to their seats in the secret cellar for the first runway show, that showcased designers such as Caroline Campion, Johanna Heir Bridal, Victor Bridesmaid, Anna Campbell, Karen Willis Holmes and Home Bodii, along with stunning hair by Rachel White and makeup by The Body Shop NZ.

But where would we have been without our fabulous vendors! Photographers: Tim Williams Photography, Bek Smith; Stationery Designers:Forage and Spruce, Speedy Print; Venues: Villa Victoria, Petite Fleur; Florists: Perfect Style; Caterers: Madame Lu’s, and Blackbird Cakery to name a few! The atmosphere was relaxed and buzzing with conversation, and vendors had gone above and beyond to create spaces to inspire and delight.

A countdown is officially on for next year’s destination events! Anyone fancy a guess at where we’re off to next?

Thanks to our incredible major sponsors White Magazine, Mahana Estates, The Edge, and iTicket for supporting the Wild Hearts movement.

The feedback so far from guests, vendors and sponsors has been so overwhelmingly lovely and we can not wait to see what 2017 has in store!

*Keep an eye out for our full Runway recap coming soon xx


Official Photography: Sarah Ryland Photography, Assisting: Leanna Hill Photography, Official Videography: JDSmit Productions



BRIDAL WEAR: Caroline CampionJohanna Heir BridalThe Bride SpaceMill Cottage – Pop Up Designer Store

CAKES: Blackbird Cakery

CATERING: Madame Lu’s KitchenPetite FleurViva La Vaca Feast Merchants 

ENTERTAINMENT: DJ Lady Kerbs, Lara Cammock, Freya Pinkerton

EVENT HIRE: Mahana EstatesKiwi Tipi

FLORALS: Perfect Style Willow Floral Design

GIFTS: Gure BotanicalHayley RBurgess & Carter

HAIR & MAKE UP: Rachel Lee The Body ShopGlitter & Blush

INSPIRATION: White MagazineTogether Journal

JEWELLERY: Glen James Jeweller

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bek SmithCharlotte SowmanLuke Marshall ImagesRenée EdwardsTim WilliamsSarah Ryland 

SPECIALTY: Emily Harvey – Ray White

STATIONERY: Forage & SpruceSpeedy Print

STYLIST/PLANNER: Balencia LaneWillow Tree Creative

TRANSPORT: Rentaclassic

VENUE: Villa VictoriaMahana Weddings

VIDEOGRAPHY: JDSmit ProductionsLuke Marshall Images



DESIGNERS: Karen Willis HolmesThe Bride SpaceSally EagleJohanna Hehir BridalAnna Campbell – The Bride SpaceCaroline CampionVictor BridesmaidAnna Marguerite CoutureBride La BohemeHomebodiiThe Bride Space

SHOES: Overland

MAKEUP: The Body Shop

HAIR: Rachel Lee, Assisted by Chantelle Baker

WINE & CANAPÉS: Mahana Estates



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Our Vendors

Vendor Love: Johanna Hehir

Steph and Peter's Wedding at Sarnia Park in Cambridge, New Zealand. Photos by Jenny Siaosi.

Effortlessly feminine, with romantic silks and vintage lace. Johanna Hehir‘s Bridal Collection is perfection.

This talented British born designer has had her beautiful gowns featured in weddings all over the world and also many publications including  Magnolia Rouge & Style me Pretty.

Her work is adored world wide, with designer stores in Australia, England, Ireland and America stocking her dresses.

Not only will you get the chance to meet Johanna in person next weekend at the Wild Hearts Mahana Fair, but also get a sneak peek at her beautiful collection on the Runway.


In the meantime we asked this lovely lady a few questions to get to know a little bit more about her business…
Describe how your business came to be and your passion for it.

Back in the late 90’s, I was designing evening dresses from my London boutique and many of my customers began asking for bridal wear, therefore I introduced a bridal range which was so successful that it soon became my main focus. I haven’t looked back – designing wedding dresses is so rewarding and there nothing lovelier than seeing photos of my brides on their wedding day.

What does Johanna Hehir Bridal have to offer our Wild Hearts brides?
We have an extensive range of bridal dresses, that are all custom made for each bride. This allows us to tailor and personalise each dress, something we feel very passionate about as each bride is entirely unique.
I also offer a couture service from my studio, which is filled with French laces, vintage fabrics and Italian silks, for those brides looking for something completely bespoke.

What makes your business unique?
I take great pride in our service and with over 20 years experience in the bridal industry, the cut and quality of my designs are what I believe sets us apart. I spend a great deal of time ensuing that my dresses are made to the very highest standard.


To check out her collection and read more about Johanna’s beautiful handmade designs, check out her website or come see her at our Mahana Fair on the 26th March!


Johanna Hehir Bridal. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.  Photos by Jenny Siaosi.


Steph and Peter's Wedding at Sarnia Park in Cambridge, New Zealand. Photos by Jenny Siaosi.

Steph and Peter's Wedding at Sarnia Park in Cambridge, New Zealand. Photos by Jenny Siaosi.

Steph and Peter's Wedding at Sarnia Park in Cambridge, New Zealand. Photos by Jenny Siaosi.

Steph and Peter's Wedding at Sarnia Park in Cambridge, New Zealand. Photos by Jenny Siaosi.

Steph and Peter's Wedding at Sarnia Park in Cambridge, New Zealand. Photos by Jenny Siaosi.

Johanna Hehir Bridal Johanna Hehir Bridal

Our Vendors

Vendor Love: Bek Smith

Bek Smith21


IT’S FRI-YAY! Time to kick up our heels and toast to another great week of Wild Hearts magic!

We are so excited to feature one of the world’s best photographers on the blog today, and even more excited to have this wonderful lady at our Mahana Wedding Fair next weekend (YES, AH-MAZING RIGHT?!!!). Bek Smith has stolen the hearts of many with her utterly romantic, candid and natural photography style. She’s big on capturing real moments and genuine smiles – which is exactly what we should all be looking for in a photographer. With her killer portfolio in tow, she’s taking the world by storm, featuring on major blogs such as The Lane, ? ? ?

Here’s what the lovely Bek had to say…


Describe how your business came to be and your passion for it.

I had a passion for imagery, fashion and the wedding industry – So, I decided to combine them and now I do what I love!

What service do you provide?

I provide beautiful, romantic wedding photography through visual storytelling.

What makes your business unique?

I go beyond documentary style photography and like to create imagery that is whimsical, ethereal and dream like.

How do you describe your style?

Warm, romantic, capturing intimate moments, searching for magic light and moody shadows

My style is easy, warm, romantic + dreamy – I aim to tell a narrative that is unique, journalistic and natural.

Do you travel Interstate + Internationally?

I am always keen to travel Interstate or anywhere overseas.


Visit to read more about Bek Smith, or come see her at our Mahana Fair on March 26.



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Our Vendors

Vendor Love: Viva La Vaca


Intensely flavourful with a kiwi twist!

Viva La Vaca will bring the taste of authentic Argentinean cuisine to your next big event.

And your guests will love it.

Food carts are a growing trend in the wedding industry because they are so versatile. It makes it easy to have a beautiful destination for your ceramony with out having to travel to another location for the reception. We are absolutely loving the festival vibe and do die for eats these foodies are bringing.

We asked Chelsea & Matias from Viva La Vaca a few questions about their business, to get to know them a bit better…

Describe how your business came to be and your passion for it..

Matias is originally from Argentina and is a trained Chef. Having worked all over the world in fine dining
restaurants, when he arrived in New Zealand he decided he wanted to bring a slice of his Argentinian heritage
to Nelson. Viva La Vaca was built from scratch with a lot of love, creativity and a little slice of happiness thrown
in for good measure. The food served reflects this and combines good quality products with amazing South
American flavour to ensure love at first bite!

What service do you provide?

Viva La Vaca is able to provide catering for weddings with either the regular foodcart menu, or with a set
menu that we design to suit your needs. We can offer slow cooked meats that are cooked over hot coals,
vegetarian options, beautiful seasonal salads, tasty traditional Argentinian deserts and a vibe that will make
your special day just that little bit more special! Speak to us about developing a menu that suits you and your
tastes. We think that love at first bite, combined with love at first sight is a winning formula!

What makes your business unique?

We aim to make one of the most important days of your life unforgettable with your guests leaving with happy
bellies and happy hearts! We are able to design a menu that you want for your special day – with an
Argentinian twist!

To read more visit their facebook page or come see them at the Wild Hearts Wedding Fair on the 26th March at Mahana Estates! Tickets available from our website & iTicket.

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Our Vendors

Vendor Love: Forage and Spruce

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Its all in the details, and one trend currently hitting the Wedding scene is custom signage. Beautifully hand painted on rustic wood, custom quotes that will have your guests swooning.

Photo of me If you have a special message you want to give your guests on your day, Christine from Forage & Spruce is the gal you need to talk to!

We sat down to ask Christine a little more about the passion and creativity behind her business.


Describe how your business came to be and your passion for it..

I’m wildly passionate about creating beautiful, unique, hand-crafted items that inspire people. I made all the blackboard signage for my own wedding and got great compliments on the day! After the wedding, I developed a bit of an obsession with gorgeous wood grain, as well as interesting typography, and one day these worlds all perfectly collided when a close friend asked me to make a pallet wood sign for an engagement shoot. After honing my skills a bit, I decided to turn it into a little business, which I absolutely adore.

What service do you provide?

Custom hand-painted signs and decor for weddings (and other events, as well as for the home). Nothing is too big, or too small – I create anything from small name cards, to huge welcome signs and backdrops. Some of my most popular items are my place-name table signs, which people love to use instead of table numbers, my reclaimed-wood Mr & Mrs signs with custom last name, which look great on the head table, and my thank-you sign which people incorporate into their wedding shoot, and then print the photo onto thank you cards!

What makes your business unique?

Each item is made from scratch, with a huge amount of love. Each piece is unique and can be completely customised to suit your theme – size, stain, paint colour, design, and wood type. This means that you aren’t just receiving something made in bulk in a factory somewhere, but something special which can be a wonderful keepsake from your big day. I ordered a lot of items for my own wedding and remember the disappointment I felt when I opened something that wasn’t quite what I dreamed of. I don’t ever want any of my brides feeling like that when they open their F&S package – so I try to go above and beyond to make it a great experience and create something they’ll love to display at their wedding and in their homes afterward.

If you would like to get to know Christine a bit more, check out her website or come see her at our Mahana Fair on the 26th March!

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