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Artistic, Artisan Grazing Tables

The yummiest new wedding trend.. Who doesn’t like preserves, cold meats, cheese and crackers?

Nibble food is key to any social gathering and now the powers have combined! ; Wedding grazing tables. Now to set myself up with a chair.. I’ll be reacquainting with this old friend for a while.


The best place to start with planning a delicious grazing table for your guests is with those classic BBQ antipastos. I’m talking all the different kinds of cheese, cold meat cuts, olives, crackers, baguettes, humus and all of the dips and spreads (even a sneaky onion dip ). That will keep the guests busy while you set off to capture the day.

Quality produce is becoming a very important part of food preparation these days.. Organic isn’t just a fad, it’s the way of the future. Nelsonians, myself included, have the privilege of being able to source fresh, local produce of all kinds from various markets during the week. This is the best place to go to get to know the growers, artisan bakers, niche preservers, aspiring cheesemakers and local butchers. That way you know the source food you are eating is reliable and trustworthy. It takes the time but is worth every minute you spend.


With all the favourite foods in check, now we have to focus a bit on the styling. Food is beautiful and not just in an “I LOVE food, foods get at me” kind of a way.

The style type for grazing tables reminds me of 19th century still life paintings of food; the table dripping with culinary invitation. The multitude of textures and rich, warm colours bought together simply with a few delicious morsels on wooden boards, terracotta bowls and crystal platters.

Need I say more? These pictures by the amazing Sarah Ryland Photography speak a thousand words.

Your guests can thank us later. 😉


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