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DIY Stonewash Napkins

DIY Stonewash Organic Napkins

Swooning over anything organic and homemade we decided to stonewash our own muslin napkins for an upcoming styled shoot in the North Island. While store bought decor is super easy, as creatives we love the idea of crafting our own. With a rustic, natural and the landscape as the backdrop we wanted our decor to reflect our wild organic vibe.



DIY Stonewash Napkins
Makes 6 to 10


2-3m of white muslin.
Fabric shears
250g DYLON Fabric dye – Pewter Grey
6 Litres of warm water
250g of Salt
Rubber Gloves
Wooden (or anything to stir with)


Take your white muslin and cut it into 50x50cm Squares – Or you can adapt the sizing to your own preference. Fold the material into quarters.


Fill your bucket up with 6 litres of warm water. Add the dye and stir until all of the dye has dissolved. After the dye has dissolved, keep stirring the dye mix and add the salt at the same time. Make sure all of the dye and salt are completely dissolved before you continue.


Take your folded material and place in the bucket of dye. Wearing your rubber gloves, scrunch the material in the dye continuously for 10 seconds. Take out the material, wring out the excess liquid and then repeat the scrunching in the dye one more time. (Scrunching gives the napkins an organic stone wash look)

After this, again wring out the excess. Then hang out your napkins on the line, in the shade. Once fully dry simply fold and style.



Photography & Styling : Wild Hearts

Stationery: Custom Crafted Calligraphy

Florals: The Posy Club


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