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It’s all in the details

It’s the small details that will have your guests swooning over your big day. Beautiful invitations to set the scene, matching menu’s to follow the theme and gorgeous thank-you’s to reminisce your lovely day. A great place to start is with calligraphic handwriting.

The word ‘Calligraphy’ means beautiful writing. This skill dates right back to the stone age, where although they could not write words, they drew pictures on the stone using brush and ink. It then developed in the middle ages as how we know calligraphy now.

In the 16th century the famous romantic playwright himself; William Shakespeare, wrote in calligraphic fonts. The sheer beauty of the words he wrote, only emphasised by the artful way he wrote it. Absolute inspiration for the most romance filled event of your life.

We are crushing on the skills of Michaela McBride at the moment.

calligraphy pic 5 calligraphy pic 4 calligraphy pic 3 calligraphy pic 2

She has the ability to turn a piece of paper into personalised art for your guests. The metallic tones are largely on trend at the moment, particularly gold, copper and silver. Accompanied by theme appropriate colours and natural trimmings like the native timbers and gold leaf; a stand out minimalistic style.

A creative bride may like to learn this skill herself. In this case, Pinterest seems to be a never ending array of excellent calligraphy tutorials such as this one. Here, the basics are explained for practicing your handwriting.

calligraphy pic 1

A simple D.I.Y design can have a huge impact but unique trimmings are a must. We love these hand dyed ribbons from Silk & Willow, which can come in a range of tones to match your theme.

calligraphy pic 6
For some international inspiration, all the way from Vancouver, check out Written Word Calligraphy

calligraphy pic 7
calligraphy pic 8calligraphy pic 9

Again, this style boasts dominant metallic tones with statement trimmings. Personalisation is vital to producing swoon worthy wedding stationary.

We would love to gather more inspiration via local calligraphic letterers. Be sure to share your works with us on our Instagram or Facebook.

Image credits: Michaela McBride Calligraphy, Julia Bausenhardt, Silk and Willow and Written Word Calligraphy/ Michael and Carina Photography


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