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Murray Crane – Crane Brothers – 2017 Industry Panel



Our 2017 Wild Hearts Industry Panel, hosted by Greta Kenyon of Together Journal at our Wild Hearts Auckland event, featured a collection of incredible industry leaders.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you a behind the scenes interviews with each of these amazing New Zealand entrepreneurs currently shaking things up in the industry.

THE WILD ONES – 2017 Industry Panel Addition

Murray Crane – Crane Brothers

Trendsetters. Game Changers. New Zealand Industry Leaders. We speak to entrepreneurs who are leading the way and inspiring hearts around the globe.

As a born and bred Canterbury country kid, Murray has spent a lifetime being fascinated with menswear, suits and the tailoring process. At 17years old he moved to Christchurch where he emerged himself in fashion, music and art with like minded people. Murray incredibly self-taught himself to tailor and moved to Auckland in the late 80’s, stepping into the world of cutting-edge fashion and even did a 5year stint at Zambesi.  Little did he know would become one of New Zealand’s most sought after menswear icons. Crane Brothers was founded in 1999 and opened its first shop in Historic DeBrett’s Hotel in Auckland’s High Street in 2000.

Fast forward to today there are 3 stores spanning NZ and Australia with one in Christchurch to open in early 2018 at the Midland Club Building which is known to locals as the site of the old Cafe Roma. The Crane Brothers ever expanding empire has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of luxe tailoring, whist dressing some of NZ’s most influential personalities.

Master of menswear, we were truly lucky to have Murray not only on our Industry Panel sharing his knowledge and experience, but also dressing some our incredible grooms on the runway. We very much look forward to having him back in 2018. 



Groom styling- how have the trends evolved and where do you think they are going in future? 

I have definitely been advocating and are seeing a return to formalwear: Tuxedo, Dinner Jackets and darker suits but Antipodean Weddings are all about beautiful clear Summer Days and the heat and humidity that accompany that so Blues, especially softer and dustier tones work very well. We try to avoid anything too “on trend” and always ask the question will I still like this in 5 years time. Photos last a lifetime so that’s a really important thing for us: timeless elegance and a permanent style rather than too trend driven. Wedding Imagery has changed a lot so the small micro details really count, that’s when quality really shines through I believe.


What advice would you give to a groom just setting out on finding his suit?

Take your time, deal with professionals and be confident with your own decisions.

– A well-cut Two-button, side vented, perennial style or tuxedos are classic styles that will never date.

– Don’t make the mistake of trying to select your groomsmen’s suits prior to selecting their own. You should always focus on your outfit first.

– Choose colours that harmonise rather than match your Bride’s dress perfectly; ivory and bone shirtings complement bridal silks well.

– Avoid anything synthetic and wear garments that are crafted from quality natural materials that are lightweight, yet retain their drape.

– With accessories, less is more. Get the basics right: a beautiful tie, a well-made pair of shoes, and a good watch. Don’t overdo any one element; a good look is the sum of all the parts. Small accents such as ties and pocket squares can help to achieve this.

– Be prepared: If it’s a hot day consider a spare shirt. Baby wipes are fantastic for getting rid of any small blemishes in garments including lipstick and makeup. Have a spare pair of shoelaces on hand and some double sided tape for a hem emergency. These are things that you’ll hopefully never have to use.


If you could go back and tell yourself anything during your first year of business, what would it be? 

Be Patient, apart from that, I’ve pretty much, achieved everything I could have hoped for. Mainly due to great staff (more patient than I ever was) and hard work.


What’s your favourite destination to travel to in New Zealand? 

Huka Lodge: The epitome of relaxed luxury.



Words: Poppy Harris

Photo Credits: Light & Type, Hill Collective, Cam Dow, and Life Portrait Photography  at Wild Hearts Auckland 2017 .

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