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Vendor Love: Blackbird Cakery

Tim Williams. Blackbird Cakery

Wild Hearts Sweet Style – Blackbird Cakery

We have been absolutely crushing over the beautifully styled organic food from local cafe the Blackbird Eatery and fell in love all over again when Co-owner Georgia decided build on her passion for cake to create the Blackbird Cakery – a divine collection of custom made cakes and desserts rustically crafted for your special day.

For those that made it to the Wild Hearts Wedding Fair at Mahana earlier in the year, you would have most definitely had the chance to taste one of the Blackbird Cakery’s little beauties. Because seriously who could walk past those those gorgeous little wild flower, dripped sauce, rustic carrot cakes or the raw peanut butter and salted-caramel cheese cakes?!

And for those that didn’t make it to the Wedding Fair, but have purchased a copy of our Wild Hearts mini magazine (or are yet to!) You will find a delicious little recipe from Georgia inside – Lemon Sour Cream Cakes, with Lemon Lime Curd & Cream Cheese Icing. Oh My! The perfect sweet treat to try at home, especially on these rainy winter days.


Tell us a bit about the Blackbird Cakery?

 I have been baking cakes for friends and family for as long as I can remember, and I was doing them so often I thought why not put a name to it and get my cake name out there more! So with the Eatery being named Blackbird, I decided to basically create ‘Blackbird Cakery’ as Blackbird Eatery’s little sidekick.

 Wild Hearts. Blackbird Cakery

What inspires you to create such beautiful cakes? 

 I am always wanting to try different and new ideas on cakes, I spend heaps on time on Instagram and Pinterest trying to find new trends and decorative ideas to try (Pinterest is my life) But of course, I can only do so much as its what the customer is after. So sometimes I create cakes just for fun… then maybe taste test too!


Favourite flavours?

 My favourite flavours would have to be my lemon sour cream cakes with cream cheese icing (currently in the latest Wild Hearts mini magazine), or my gluten free mud cake. It’s so dense and delicious. Plus anything salted-caramel I’m there.

Wild Hearts. Blackbird Cakery

Can you explain what a ‘Raw’ Cake is? and why it is becoming such a big trend?

 A Raw Cake is a unbaked cake, or ‘cheesecake’ made from raw ingredients such as natural nuts and seeds, raw fruits & veges, raw superfoods such as cacao powder, and unprocessed refined sugars, such as dates & brown rice malt syrup! So no nasties!

The fact it is a ‘Raw’ Cake, is that none of the ingredients have reached a certain temperature, 46 degrees in fact!! This maximizes all the foods nutritional value making it better all round.

Our Raw Cheesecakes are super popular, and are fantastic as they’re gluten,wheat, dairy, refined sugar, soy and GMO free plus vegan!!

I feel its becoming such a big trend because people are trying/becoming more ‘healthy living’ and creating a better life style for themselves, plus with so many allergies out there these days, they’re suited to all types of people, not just the clean eaters.


Wild Hearts. Blackbird Cakery

Strangest request you have ever received from a bride?

I cant say I’ve had many strange requests, probably just flavour combinations; eg; chocolate cake with lemon icing.. not terrible but not the best!


Where would we find you on a Saturday morning?

 Our Eatery/Cafe is open Saturdays, 9am-1pm, and I work every second Saturday, so if I’m not working I’m either still at work having our delicious GF DF vegan waffles for breakfast, over at the gym trying to work off cake off cuts I eat often, playing Netball or definitely sleeping in!!


Heels or Flats?

I’m a flats girl, as I am on the taller side of normal!! but i LOVE heels, I wish I could wear them more often.


If you weren’t a Cake Baker/ Café Owner what would you be doing?

 I always wanted to get more into photography, design or interior design.


Tim Williams. Blackbird Cakery

Tim Williams. Blackbird Cakery


You can check out more over on Blackbird Cakery’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/blackbird.cakery/

or pop into the Blackbird Eatery at 76 Quarantine road, Stoke, Nelson.





Image Credits:  Sarah Ryland Photography , Tim Williams.


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