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Vendor Love: Charlotte Sowman

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Wild Hearts Photographer – Charlotte Sowman Photography

With adventure in her soul and fire in her heart, Charlotte Sowman is a destination photographer capturing the heart and soul of New Zealand Weddings.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a part-time wedding photographer based in Christchurch. My passion is capturing romantic love stories and authentic connections between people. I put my heart and soul into making sure I give my couples an overall great experience, from being approachable and light-hearted to caring and sensitive.


Describe how your business came to be and your passion for it.

When I was studying my design degree I bought a small DSLR camera for my projects. I started to take photos in my spare time and post them on Facebook. I was then approached by a friends older sister to see if I would be interested in photographing her wedding, so I said yes! I borrowed some gear from a colleague and rocked up to this wedding SO nervous and with no idea of what I was really doing, but I had a smile on my face the whole day and somehow did an ok job. I booked 4 weddings the following season. 🙂 Since then my passion for it has just soared! I love the connections I can make with people – especially couples in love! I love being able to get people to open up to me in front of my camera to produce something they will treasure. I love that photography has moved away from stand and smile at the camera, and it is a way to get out and adventure and meet great people.


What’s your favorite part of the job?

I love photography’s ability to tell a visual story and allow people to relive a certain chapter in their lives, one that they may have missed, or seen in a different way.

I really adore photographing couples who are adventurous and not afraid to think outside of the box and I love that I meet amazing people and make great friends!


Describe your style in three words?

Romantic, warm and natural

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love Instagram for my daily hit of inspiration. I follow everything from other photographers, creatives, bridal blogs and magazines and florists. I also always grab a copy of Together Journal and White Mag which I highly recommend to any bride-to-be.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Do you have a fave spot to shoot?

I must say I am really drawn to rugged, wild & untouched places as opposed to a really clean, pristine venues & gardens. However, I find that each wedding will bring its own flavour and look depending on the location, styling and even the weather – and I tend to fall in love with all of them. I have only shot in Canterbury so far but would love to see more of what NZ and the world has to offer.


Summer or Winter weddings?

Ooh tricky… Summer has more chance of sunshine & warm weather… although I would have to say Winter because of the beautiful light and I personally love the autumn/winter landscapes and colours.


What are the current trends you are seeing for brides at the moment?

I’m loving the trend of unrestrained, big, wild bouquets and floral styling. I think flowers play such a big part in the overall look & style of a wedding.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

What makes your business unique?

I think what makes Charlotte Sowman Photography unique, and what my couples love, is the fact that I would go the extra mile for them – get covered in mud if I have to! It is SO important to me to be positive and happy all day and make a real effort to engage with the couple’s family and friends so that they let me in and allow me to capture better images as well as making great relationships (often lasting one’s) and a great impression. I believe in doing what I can to make their day better and adding value to my service through my actions, whether it be fixing the bride’s hair, blowing up balloons, holding a drink in one hand for the bride and shooting with the other, through kindness, maybe staying a little later than you’ve arranged…all of the things that leave them with fond memories of their day and being glad they chose me, which in turn leaves me with warm fuzzies and feeling like I’ve made a difference.


A few words of advice for couples looking for their photographer?

There are no rules with your wedding; let it be a reflection of you as a couple. I urge my couples to let real emotions and stories unfold on their special day and not to sweat the small stuff.



Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.


To check out more about Charlotte Sowman Photography and her beautiful work, visit her website www.charlottesowmanphotography.com

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.

Charlotte Sowman. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs.


Image credits: Charlotte Sowman Photography – Sarah Ryland Photography & Leanna Hill Photography– at the Wild Hearts Mahana Fair

Wooden signs by Forage & Spruce.

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