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Vendor Love: Hayley R

Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs

Wild Hearts Design – Hayley R

A creative kiwi with a passion for art and photography. Hayley R has an electric mix of bold fun colours and gold foil prints that are inspired by the New Zealand music industry. We fell in love with Hayley’s unique style and her incredible custom wedding day prints, that we just HAD to get her back to her home town of Nelson for the Wild Hearts Wedding Fair!


Describe how your business came to be and your passion for it.

I have been working on photographic art since I was 14, studied Fine Art Photography for 6 years and have a Postgraduate Diploma from Elam School of Fine Arts. All those years of developing, trialling and exhibiting set me up to really put my talent out there.

During my postgrad I stumbled back upon one of the oldest photographic techniques, did a test print and I had people asking for more! Within a few months I was selling my Hayley R prints at markets nationwide and more recently has lead me to work with Tiki Taane for a new line of merchandise.

My photography work is still a developing part of my wee business with it taking a back seat to my art, but I am so excited for this to start expanding this year.

As long as I am creating I am so happy and loved up, and that holds the passion for it all. Happiness and love.

Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs
What service do you provide? 

Creative photography and mixed media art – in a nut shell!

Creative Photography – I am Fine Arts trained so I think in a very critical way while being thematic and artistic at the same time. It’s this cross over of loves for documenting and also art, that create this crazy marriage that is really exciting and different. I am really excited to get exploring this once again.

Mixed Media Art – A mix of photography and typography that transcends past a trend. I have been working with words in my art since 2003 and have really taken a liking to having this represent a special moment and memory in the lives of others.


Describe your style in three words?

Electric, organic and playful. No matter what I seem to do, even if it is purely life, these are the three things that always follow me.


How do you keep inspired?

Staying inspired is such a hard one when you’ve been creating for so long, I’ve cracked the 15 year mark now! The best advice I was given by a tutor was to never stop making. By making you surprise yourself, you push yourself and you think in these crazy ways that makes you realise that you have this crazy, amazing talent. Chance is a big factor in a lot of my work that I love to embrace too. It stops you from over thinking and forces you to just do it. Ultimately you must never sit on an idea, just make, take and create. The magic that unfolds from doing really is the major source and inspiration of it all.


Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs

What makes your business unique?

My photography is just me all over; carefree, fun and creative. I have my own set of “ism’s” and it’s really all about embracing the talent, eye and mind that I have and not following the crowd. I absolutely love to shoot from the hip and use film when ever I can!

With my mixed media works I choose the text in relation to the materials I use. Most of my gilded metallic works use references from Hip-Hop culture and my photography stencils are inspired by New Zealand music. Each of these are hand made so no two are the same, and I adore the imperfections that they each have.


Coffee or Tea?

Tea please! And a sneaky Gingernut for dunking. Yum! 


Summer or Winter?

Too easy! Summer… All day, every day. Growing up in Nelson, Summer is life. Plus who can say no to those magic beach days strolling through the Able Tasman hopping from beach to beach, bliss!


What is your ideal wedding destination?

Since I’m in the midst of planning my own.. Waiheke Island. We are currently living in Auckland and it is such a magic slice of this beautiful place we now call home. I want our friends and family to come on a mini holiday while also joining us for an amazing, loved up party. The spaces, light and vibe is incredible. Watch this space for that one 😉


Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs


Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs

Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs

Hayley R. Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs


Head on over to Hayley’s blog to check out more of her designs and amazing images : http://www.hayleyr.co.nz


Image Credits: Hayley R, Sarah Ryaland Photography.

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