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VENDOR LOVE: Sarah Ryland Photography

We have just two words to describe the lovely Sarah Ryland… CREATIVE GODDESS.

She’s incredibly humble, and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the creative arts. Aside from being a super talented wedding photographer, Sarah has also worked at New Zealand Fashion Week, and is the manager of the well known Nelson designer store, Trouble and Fox. She has an eye for what’s trending in the fashion industry and is an absolute professional in this line of work. On top of all that, she runs a very cool botanical styling company called Arbor & Co; a unique styling boutique, where you can see Sarah’s true creativity flourish. A bit of a dark horse, she’s an excellent singer too! Her band, Banks Land, has a truly mesmerising sound. We are super lucky to have Sarah coming to our Mahana Fair, where she will be helping capture the essence of the day. We sat down for a coffee to talk business and inspiration…


What are you looking forward to most about Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs?
I can’t wait to see all the fancy vendors and all the beautiful people that make this industry an absolute dream to work in!

Describe your creative style in three words… Spontaneous, weird, determined.

What do you love most about working as a photographer?
I love being able to create something new. Finding a new way to look at something we’ve all seen a billion times. But mostly I love being able to make someone feel something when they look at one of my photographs. To me, art is about the feeling it gives you when you see it.

What inspires you?
Well, it comes at the strangest times but I can be inspired by the most boring objects. Music helps me a lot. When I hear a song, I don’t always know what the song is which is bad, but I could tell you in a second what movie it’s on. Somehow my brain relates visuals to sound. And again I think I love that because it really makes you feel something.

Are you a heel or flats kind of gal?
Flats for sure. Don’t get me wrong I love a good heel but flats are my jam.

Where would we find you on a day off?
I’m a doer. I’m almost down for any activity. But let’s go with Kmart.
If you would like to see more of Sarah’s work, check out her website http://www.sarahrylandstore.com/ or come see her in action at our Mahana Fair, March 26.



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